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We use science and the KISS method to ensure our work is done right the first time so it never has to be done again. Other companies focus on high-profit, high-maintenance installations. At BioCraft, our goal is to eliminate maintenance altogether by building sustainably with materials that will last generations. Whether you need a new garden design, forestry management, or someone to maintain existing installations, we've got you covered.


Sustainable Garden Design

Craft a low-maintenance native oasis specific to your ecotype with our custom design and installation service. 


Lawn mowing, hedge trimming, mulching, pruning and weed removal, we do it all.


Habitat Restoration

Remove invasive species and transform your acreage into a walkable habitat, better for hunting, foraging and native wildlife.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sets BioCraft apart from other landscaping companies?

BioCraft stands out for its use of native perma-culture and high-quality materials to create low-maintenance installations that will last a lifetime, saving you thousands in maintenance and replacement costs.

How long does the garden design process take?

The garden design process typically takes 2-4 weeks, depending on the scope of the project and client input.

Do you offer maintenance packages for ongoing lawn care?

We offer customizable maintenance packages to meet the needs of any garden type, sustainably built or not.

How do you calculate pricing?

All our pricing is calculated based on the square footage. Feel free to create your own estimate using our Project Calculator. 

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About us

BioCraft is a disruptive new landscaping company dedicated to creating sustainable outdoor spaces for our clients.